Eibergse molens

The Stichting Eibergse Molens was founded on 28 May 2004 with the aim of keeping the Mallumsche molen and the Piepermolen in working order.


The Piepermolen is a special type of windmill which is built on a mound and is equipped for grinding grain. It is situated in Rekken. Volunteer millers ensure that, weather conditions permitting, the mill is in operation every Saturday between 13.30 and 16.30. If the wind is strong enough, they grind grain, mostly maize, which is used as cattlefeed.

Mallumsche Molen

The Mallumsche Molen is a water-powered grinding and hulling mill, located on the old arm of the river Berkel in the small hamlet of Mallem, near Eibergen. Volunteer millers operate the mill every Saturday between 14.00 and 17.00. They grind grain and hull barley.

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