Walking and cycling

The best way to discover the stunning Achterhoek is either walking or cycling . So don’t forget to bring your hiking boots and/or bike with you.

The Achterhoek has been named by the Cycling Federation as the best cycling region in the Netherlands. Hardly surprising, as there is hardly anywhere else with such a varied landscape. Staying in the Achterhoek means enjoying history, nature, beautiful cycle paths and cycle routes.
Did you know that this area is also perfect for mountain biking or road cycling?

There is a very popular network of cycling waypoints which you will find throughout the region. At each waypoint there is a map of the area where you find yourself, so that you can quickly and easily make out the route you are following. The 'Nederland fietsland' website can show you where the waypoints are in the region, allowing you to make up your own route. You can also buy a map of all the waypoints at the reception of the Eibernest Recreation Centre, or you can find a nice cycling route there. There are also cycling holiday packages in both the high and low seasons. You will find these on the website via the ‘arrangements’ button.

If you haven’t brought your bike with you that’s no problem. You can visit the bicycle and canoe rental specialists Ten Brinke & Keerse in Rekken.

Put on your hiking boots and get going. In this area you will find countless hiking routes that will take you to all the nicest places. For example there are the nature reserves:

  • Zwillbrocker ven
  • De Leemputten in Groenlo

Good hiking!

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