Manege Nijhuis Riding stables

Do you enjoy horse riding, or have you always wanted to try it out? Then come to Manege Nijhuis in Eibergen. The stables are located in the pretty hamlet of Hupsel. Manege Nijhuis offers recreational riders the total experience of horse and nature.

Thanks to the many sandy paths, riders can go trekking to explore the woods and the beautiful surroundings of Hupsel. These treks are by appointment and take place under experienced supervision.

Is your son or daughter younger than 6, or don’t yet have any experience of horse riding? Then the stables offers the option of hiring a pony you can take for a walk.

It is even possible to hire a covered wagon. You can also combine a covered wagon with riding on a horse or pony behind the wagon. In July and August we organise a tour with a covered wagon every Tuesday.

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