Activities and attractions

Fun for the kids, but also secretly for yourself. The region can offer a variety of fun-filled activities and amusement parks for all the family.

Rollercoasters, playgrounds, roundabouts, water activities... A small selection from the many fun and exciting activities and attractions! Dare to have a go?

We have drawn up a list of tips for you.

Environment overview


You and your kids can also experience a lot of indoor and outdoor fun with water!

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Hof van Eckberge

Playing, climbing, scrambling and sliding... at Hof van Eckberge you can play to your heart’s content!

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Sevink Adventure park

This adventure park is partly underground and as well as a great place for children to play, it’s educational too.

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Sport en health centre The Chariot

Sport lovers take note! Would you also like to keep fit and stay in condition during your holiday? Then Sport and health centre The Chariot is the place for you.

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Manege Nijhuis Riding stables

Do you enjoy horse riding, or have you always wanted to try it out? Then come to Manege Nijhuis in Eibergen.

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Mega pret

Megapret... The finest playground in Gelderland! Come along and join in the fun.

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Balloon team Hupsel

A spectacular trip... A balloon ride! Are you up for it?

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Shortgolf course

Enjoy the stunning views while golfing on the 9 or 18 hole golf course.

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Adventure park Hellendoorn

At Hellendoorn there’s so much to see and do... Fancy a great day out at this family park?

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De Heikamp

‘Heading out for a bite to eat’ is surprisingly full of fun at De Heikamp. Why not come along and see for yourself!

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Family amusement park de Waarbeek

Swaying and swinging are what this park is all about! A great day out for both young and old.

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Het Doolhof maze

Can you find the way out? Why not try the Doolhof challenge.

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Erve Brooks

In Gelselaar, a small village in the Achterhoek, you will find a 500 year old Saxon farmhouse, Erve Brooks.

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Land van Jan Klaassen

Het Land van Jan Klaassen... the biggest puppet theatre in the Netherlands is a real experience!

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Kartbaan entertainment center

E- karts, Led-bowling, Glow Golf and loads more... Interested?

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Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear with you. This area has some of the nicest places to cast your line. 

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Walking and cycling

The best way to discover the stunning Achterhoek is either walking or cycling.

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Out and about

Fancy an enjoyable evening out? There’s a variety of places to go in the area.

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